( ) A Fuck-Yeah tumblr dedicated to Yedang Entertainment's six-member idol boy group, 씨클라운/ C-Clown (Crown Clown). The members consists of Rome, Siwoo, Ray, Kangjun, T.K, and Maru. You can also follow us on twitter @CClown120719

ninomaes asked:
Is there a level up tutorial for the cafe anywhere? Thank you!~

yes if you go to crownheclowns.wordpress.com and click on our level-up link you should find a tutorial.

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v-yeols asked:
about t.k's birthday message, do we send it by email?

If you’re asking about the messages being collected by T.K’s fansite admin (@VIVA1220), then Yes! You can send birthday messages to{viva951220@daum.net}!!

Word Limit: 300 words (Please write in English if you can!)

Deadline: November 23rd @ 11:59PM KST

Additional info: You can include your name and country!

If you have additional questions please direct them to @VIVA1220

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@VIVA1220 is collecting birthday messages for T.K’s 19th birthday! Please send your messages to {viva951220@daum.net}!!

Word Limit: 300 words (Please write in English if you can!)

Deadline: November 23rd @ 11:59PM KST

Additional info: You can include your name and country!

If you have additional questions please direct them to @VIVA1220! 

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wheninbarom asked:
Thank you so much, that's such a huge help! I believe that they must because I have seen them post pictures of fan gifts sent to them, but thank you xx

I always put a disclaimer just in case hahaha…

But if everything is properly labeled and the package doesn’t look suspicious. I’m sure it’ll reach C-CLOWN just fine. The company may pre-open it before passing it along to make sure there is nothing weird inside xP~

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wheninbarom asked:
Hello, me and my friend are planning on sending a package to the boys, and I was wondering if you know how I could do this, like do you know any addresses or anything like that? Thanks, it would be a lot of help since I cannot read hangul xx

If you want to send fan gifts to C-CLOWN, you can send to written address below:

Yedang Entertainment
1F, Sehyun B/D, 1581-7, Seocho-Domg, Seocho-Gu, Seoul, Korea.
ZIP : 137-070

I would however put “TO: C-CLOWN” in a line above “Yedang Entertainment” in the address to ensure that the staff at YD know the package is for C-CLOWN. YD handles many artists and actors so if it’s not properly labeled it may not get to the correct person or group. 

I, however, cannot ensure that your package will be received by C-CLOWN once it is delivered to YD..we don’t know of YD passes on fangifts or sorts them out or whatever. But if that is a risk you’re willing to take then good luck!

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toneworld890 asked:
Hello Crowns! By any chance do you know the way / a guide on how to get to Yedang Entertainment? Thanks :3

http://yedang.co.kr/_korean/company/contact.jsp You can probably find more information here. This link provides a rudimentary map and their address. 

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namu-wife asked:
What do they mean about "5. Please choose a correct nickname" in the level up form?

They are asking applicants to choose a nickname from the choices given that is correct based on the rules. We’ve provided a summary of the nickname rules in our tutorial to help applicants out.

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butterfly71990 asked:
Hey! sorry to bother you again. i've been trying to join the fanclub but they keep on rejecting me ( i tried 4 times already) :(. this time they left me this ''.번거로우시겠지만 닉네임수정해서 다시 신청해주세요'' i don't know what is incorrect. can you please help me??

something about your nickname is incorrect. it must be in violation of their rules

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butterfly71990 asked:
Hey! I'm trying to join C-clown fancafe but im getting one of the questions wrong. can you help me? its the question with the nickname ( Please choose a correct nickname. 1) RAY사랑해 2) 마루3) 시우0719 4) 보고싶다티케이 5) 내샤룽바롬♥.♥ 6)CCLOWN20 )

If you read our new tutorial on our wordpress page http://crowntheclowns.wordpress.com/official-fan-cafe-level-up-tutorial/ It should have tips to help you answer this question yourself. We tried to give as much help as possible without blatantly giving away the answer.

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hyukked asked:
Hii! Have you thought about joining the directory for c-clown tumblrs?? Just asking bc I think itd be awesome lol you know cause everyone needs a bit more c-clown in their lives ;) Its <thec-clowndirectory>

We would love to join but we’ve moved our operations to Wordpress presently. We keep our Tumblr account as an archive of our past translations and works open for new CROWNs to peruse at leisure. You can find us at crowntheclowns.wordpress.com

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